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Two Sapp brothers Crossing Over - did they?

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

Robert L. Sapp and Judson Sapp could be two brothers that have crossed over to the Caucasian side of their family.  Most of these brothers looked Caucasian with their father George being white and their mother Mary being mulatto.  Before going any further, it is a great possibility that George was also Mulatto and his father William was pure European.  However we were always told that George was Caucasian, so for now, in spite of the census saying that he is mulatto, I am going to go with the history that has been passed down to me, because so far it holds true.  
I have come a cross a family tree that lists Judson with his parents but it gives a spouse Rosa L. Adams and she is white, this family tree also lists Judson as white. 

Kemp/Prevatt/Thornton/Stormant /Dees family tree 

lists Judson as Judson L. Sapp and his parents as Mary and George Washington, with the photos that appears to have come from my tree.  However there is no census records or data of proof that this is in fact the same Judson in my family.  It seems as though they were probably told this information and added it to the family tree.   It they were passed this information orally, it is likely to be true. I was disappointed that the person doing the family research didn't reach out to  me in any way after finding Judson and his parents on my family tree, especially attaching my photos to their tree.  I would have to wonder why that is. I want to think that it is because Judson is so far down on this tree that much of the information about his family is extraneous. I usually don't expand on the spouses of my blood relatives past their parents and siblings, so I am going to hope that this is the reason.

  There is nothing much else about Judson and his wife Rosa, that links the families other than the names of their children.  Two of the children have the same name as two of Judson's siblings, Mattie his baby sister, and Tom W. after his brother Thomas Watson. The other two children could be named after her siblings, since there were only four children.
Judson was one of the brothers that I had no knowledge or information on until now.
There is still a bit of doubt, because I found a census record with Judson Sopp ( yes it is spelled Sopp, which know is mispelled), and his spouse is Rosa and father Jim J.N. Sopp, with the children's names the same as the Judson Sapp that is in my records after collaborating with the Judson L. Sapp from the above tree.  I emailed the owner of the tree with this information, but I have not heard anything from them.

Robert L. Sapp married a white female by the name of Etta Jane Sheffield. There are some doubt here for sure.  No I didn't have any information on Robert  until now.  I am still not sure if this is the right information.  He is in two 1910 census records. One he is still in the house with George Washington, his father, at the age of 21 and said to be single,  also in the house is a couple of younger brothers and a few nieces(children of George Washington Jr.). In the other 1910 census there is a Robert L Sapp in the house with his wife and kids.  None of the names of his children are family names, and his said to have married Etta Jane in 1908.  I added this information to the family tree along with extensive notes so that I can research it all on the ground.

It is not unusual to find the same person in the census twice, it all depends on where they were when the census taker was in a particular neighborhood or part of town/county.  There is still more to learn about Robert as well as Judson and if they really did cross the color line.

The pattern with most of these Sapp brothers is that the women they married and had children with were all very dark skinned, so to see two that did something different would not be a total surprise but very different from the norm.

Hopefully on my trip to Georgia this month I will be able to research a little more and clear up some of these discrepancies.  I wanted to share this information because I found it quite interesting.


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