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Spelling of Surname McRae

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

Taken from Clan Macrae Website
When looking back on Matilda McRae's death certificate I discovered that it was signed by Earnest McRae, her son, and the spelling of the name on that death certificate is McRae and not the way her son Joh Franlin McCray spelled his name. The thing I think most of us don't understand is how is it possible for siblings to spell their surname differently.

Again I was told by Matilda's granddaughter Susie Ryals that her mother Susie McCray, daughter of Matilda McCray spelled her name, 'McCray'.  Hopefully one day something or someone will shed light on this for us.
The spelling of McCray in this manner is confirmed by John Franklin McCray's (son of Moses and Matilda McRae) children and grandchildren.
See how confusing it is.
We may never know how it is so often changed even before  it was passed on to my ancestors, but I think it would make an interesting story.


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