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“Over the course of the millennia, all these ancestors in your tree, generation upon generation, have come down to this moment in time—to give birth to you. There has never been, nor will ever be, another like you. You have been given a tremendous responsibility. You carry the hopes and dreams of all those who have gone before. Hopes and dreams for a better world. What will you do with your time on this Earth? How will you contribute to the ongoing story of humankind?” ~ Laurence Overmire

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Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

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Genealogy as you know is some thing that is very time consuming and takes a great deal of patience. There are so many resources out there that are available online. Some of this information is put there by various historical societies as well as researchers like myself that are volunteering to help get more and more of the information out there so we can all have access to the same information.

Yesterday, I discovered that I can not only use the two websites below as resources but I am able to contribute information as well.  I was able to upload a photo that I had taken of my great grandfathers headstone that I had taken last year for my own database.  While searching I discovered that the cemetery where he is buried is not listed in the Find a Grave website, so I would never be able to find any of those relatives that are buried there.  So uploaded the photo as well as one for the graveyard, and I added it to the list of graveyards in the area.

It is a small graveyard on the grounds of Mt.. Calvary C.M.E. Church and it is an Africa-America cememtery.

It really felt good to make this contribution and once I know that this information has indeed been approved and accepted, I will upload some of the other photos that I have taken of other family headstones there. , and when I return to the cemetery there in Telfair County Georgia, I will take photos of all of the headstones, and take accurate notes so they too can be added.  It felt good to be a contributor.  I will try to do the same things when I am home in Savannah, Ga.  there is so much work to be done, but it is wonderful to know that I am not just taking, I am contributing as well for those that come behind me looking for information.

Both of the links below is a way for us to give back. It doesn't have to be a cemetery where you have family, it could be one that is not listed, and you can add it, so all can see.

 Find A Grave

 GenRecords/Georgia Files


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