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“Over the course of the millennia, all these ancestors in your tree, generation upon generation, have come down to this moment in time—to give birth to you. There has never been, nor will ever be, another like you. You have been given a tremendous responsibility. You carry the hopes and dreams of all those who have gone before. Hopes and dreams for a better world. What will you do with your time on this Earth? How will you contribute to the ongoing story of humankind?” ~ Laurence Overmire

'My Uncle Joe'

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

Michael, Uncle Joe, Dad

This past week one of our own was taken home. We have to always remember that God loved us first and in deed loves us best. My Uncle Joe Merriweather was ready to go home and drew his last breath on Thursday, March 17th and his body was laid to rest on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

Family and friends came from near and far to say their last goodbyes and to pay their respects to his family.  He was held in high honor by many, loved by all who were blessed enough to know him, and will be missed by those as well.

Many of you may be wondering why I started this with' My Uncle Joe', when he had dozens of nieces and nephews, but I guess I am a bit possessive like that, it must be that only child thing.

Growing up I felt as though I was the only niece he had, even though I knew differently, because that is the way he always treated me. When I spent time with Uncle Joe, he would talk to me and most importantly he would listen. Always with a warm and endearing smile.

I can remember times when he would be sitting out on my grandmother's front porch and he would let me comb his hair, adding barrettes and plaits, and all of the girly things that I could, and he never resisted.  Looking back I am sure I only did this for a few minutes before he would comb it out, even though I never saw him do that,  at the time it was all apart of my play-day.  I could go on and on about all I remember about him when I was a child, and I have just as many great memories of him after I became an adult.  By that time, he and my Aunt Ilee were divorced, but my relationship with he and his family never changed one bit.

When Uncle Joe remarried, again nothing changed in how he received me.  His wife Jeanette was so loving and accepting of our relationship, even though I was the niece of his ex-wife.  She too continued to treat me as he always had. I will never forget him for that love and it is that love that I will always miss.

Uncle Joe, know that you were greatly loved. That you have warmly touched the hearts and lives of many, and that you will forever be missed.

You are now resting and you have truly earned it. Thank you for being an important part of my life.


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