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McRae-McCray-McCrae: What Happened?

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

Today I sent an email out to the family informing them of how many different ways the surname is spelled within the same clan. How is it that the children of Mose and Matilda all spell their name differently.

I talked to another cousin today who is actually the descendant of Mose and Matilda's son John Franklin. Her name is Rhonda Renae McCray Arnette, (who lives in Brunswick ) she is the niece of Leila McCrae Jones. Renae's father is also named John Franklin after his father.

Now I know that you have noticed the difference in the spelling here. This is the spelling that was given to me by the named people. I called Leila back a second ago to ask her how to spell her name, because I assumed without asking that it was McRae, and further assumed after talking to Renae that is would be McCray, but both assumptions were incorrect. Leila says that on her birth certificate is McCrae.

When I first started to gather information from my Aunt Susie Ryals, who is the daughter of Mose and Matilda's daughter Susan Mary , in 1994 I was told by Aunt Susie  that her mother's name was spelled McCray. However, I was never able to find anything in any census with this spelling, but was able to find it in the 1880 census where she is listed as Mary Mcrae, with small letters. After that it is with a capitol R. Looks like the capitol C could have been left off at that time, but who knows.

Just wanted to inform everyone that it is apparent that all three spellings of the name is even in the same family.


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