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Andrew Horn -Jane Horn Hall

Posted by Tonya Keitt Kalule

In the 1870 census Andrew Horn lives in the house with Frederick(25yrs old) and Jane Hall (20yrs), who are husband and wife. It is not believed that Andrew is their child. I have been trying to locate a document that I remember reading when this was first discovered, that Andrew was merely a border, but am not able to locate the proof on this premise as of yet.

As I continued to look, I came across an established tree in - Bryant-Michaels-Carpenter-Jackson Tree, and discovered that Jane's maiden name is in fact Horn. This tree lists her father as Benjamin Horn and her mother as Clarrisa. Then there was only one child listed for Jane and Frederick Hall and her name is Abbigail(the way it is spelled on tree). Since Andrew was not listed as a child, it further perpetuates the idea that Andrew was not their child, nor Jane's child before marrying Frederick.

Andrew was only 6 years old at the time of the 1870 census. I had been holding onto the idea that he was possibly Matilda's brother, because my Aunt Susie (dau. of Susie McRae Ryals) told me that Matilda's last name was Horn and she had a brother named Andrew(Andar) Horn. Which further led me to believe that if this was in fact Matilda's brother and he lived next door to her it was probably for two reason; first because Matilda already had five children in the house where she was head of household, and four of these five children not being hers; and second,Andrew's ( and Matilda's) mother was deceased.
Even though there is not yet a physical record of Matilda being a Horn, and learning that Jane's maiden name was Horn, it is possible that Andrew was living with his other sister. Could Jane be Matilda's sister?

We know that they didn't have the same mother if this is in fact true. However, it is possible that they had the same father.

On this very census (1870), Matilda along with all of the children in her household, as well as Jane and Andrew, are listed as Mulatto, when Frederick was listed as Black.

There is going to take a great deal more digging to either prove or deny this information, primarily because I have yet to find anything on Matilda's mother, Susan House ( listed on her death certificate). As her surname has likely been changed several times.


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