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“Over the course of the millennia, all these ancestors in your tree, generation upon generation, have come down to this moment in time—to give birth to you. There has never been, nor will ever be, another like you. You have been given a tremendous responsibility. You carry the hopes and dreams of all those who have gone before. Hopes and dreams for a better world. What will you do with your time on this Earth? How will you contribute to the ongoing story of humankind?” ~ Laurence Overmire

My Daughter's Visit

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

My daughter Whitney came out to visit me in California for a couple of weeks and we had a great time. It had been a long time since we have spent this kind of time together. She is in her last year of college and I am so proud of her.
We went to the wax museum and the Museum of Tolerance, as well as many other places. She fell in love with Los Angeles after being here for about 24 hours. It really changed things for her, her perspective on her life and her ambitions. She has even decided to move back to Los Angeles after graduating. I am so looking forward to that day.
She is an absolutely beautiful girl with the charm, charisma, brains to do anything she wants to do.

Yes Beauty and Brains.

Whitney is so excited about the opportunities that are offered here in Los Angeles, as I am . She wants to be a stylist, possibly work as a beauty editor for a magazine. She is presently earning her degree in journalism and when she moves to LA, she will pursue a broad background in fashion. Did I say that I am very proud of her, probably so, but I am extremely proud of her. Not only because of her accomplishments and ambitions, but because of what kind of person she has become and is steadily becoming.


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