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“Over the course of the millennia, all these ancestors in your tree, generation upon generation, have come down to this moment in time—to give birth to you. There has never been, nor will ever be, another like you. You have been given a tremendous responsibility. You carry the hopes and dreams of all those who have gone before. Hopes and dreams for a better world. What will you do with your time on this Earth? How will you contribute to the ongoing story of humankind?” ~ Laurence Overmire

Weekend off

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

I have been staying up late at night extremely excited about the new discoveries in the history of my family. I have been connecting with new cousins and reconnecting with old ones. I wake up at 3am to get ready to go to work, and needless to say have been waking up pretty tired. I am going to take the weekend off from the genealogy in order to get some other things done like catch up on my other blogs and work on a webpage as well as some computer maintenance. If I don't take this break I will do nothing else but researching this family tree. I have been receiving about 10 emails per day all week in response to the most recent discoveries and forum requests, as well as responding to them all. It has gotten to the point that I am checking my email from my cell phone which I rarely do. Once I become so engrossed in this process I have to force myself to go to bed. I seem to be at a very difficult point in my research. Finding the fathers of Matilda and Mose is going to be something that takes a great deal more effort and leg work, but there are so many parts of this family history that I can continue with in the interim. I will resume research on Monday, at least I am hoping that I can stay away from it until then.

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