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Mose McRae and Matilda Horn McAllister

Posted by TonyaKeittKalule

Matilda Horne McAllister McRae

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time comparing notes on Matilda McAllister and Matilda Horn McRae. I am 95% sure that they are one in the same, there is nothing actually that indicates that they are not. After looking at the 1870 Census, which was taken on July 18th, 1870, Matilda McAllister was 22 years old. There were five children listed, ages 10, 3,2,1, and one month old named Emma.  John C. is 3 years old and Lewis is 10. Now Matilda was only 22 and this makes me believe that Lewis was not her natural child, even though it is not impossible but highly unlikely.  This also makes me believe that it is possible that the other three kids could not have been her natural children as well, except Emma. They are all listed as McAllisters. Since the census was taken on July 18th, 1870 and Emma was one month old (1/12), this indicate that she was born in June, and after June 1st, since the 1880 census was taken on June 1, 1880 and she is shown in the household of Mose and Matilda as 9, which she would have been on June 1, 1880. Another thing that indicates that the other children are possibly not her natural children, is that Emma is the only one listed in the household of Mose and Matilda, when there were three more children that would have still been too young to be on their own, except for Lewis, who would have been 20 years old in 1880.
Mose McRae

Looking at the information that I recieved from A. J. and Viola, two people that I contacted through a genealogy forum, gives reference to a marriage certificate of Matilda McAllister and Mose McRae on July 18th, 1872 in Montgomery County. On the 1880 Census, Mose and Matilda said that they had been married for 7 years, which is correct since the census was taken before their anniversary. Also, Emma was 9, which indicate that she was born before they were married as well.  This again indicates that they are one in the same.

Well it has been assumed that Matilda was possibly married before, which is a natural assumption, but the fact that she is in household without a man, but five children at 22 years old, not only tells me that she is not the natural mother to most of these children, but that it is also possible that she may have come to this residence through slavery, and that the McAllister name could be a slave master name. It lists her as being mulatto on the census as well as all of the children in the house, could these be children of the slave master or the slave masters son.

I called Leila who lives in SanFrancisco and the granddaughter of Mose McRae, she is the daughter of John Franklin McRae.  Everyone thought this was highly unlikely that a granddaughter of a man that was born in 1846 would still be alive, but her mother was his third wife and she was only fifteen when she married John Franklin McRae and he was in his 50s.  Leila remembers her father's brother Earnest as a little girl. I wanted to ask her what she thought of the picture of Mose and Matilda. The reason I asked that question is that it appears to be a possible contradiction. Leila told me that he father as well as his brother Earnest had blond hair and blue eyes. She said that most people thought that her father was white, except of course the black people. We always seem to know our own. This information corresponds with what I was told by my Aunt Susie, which is also the granddaughter of Mose and Matilda, that Mose was mixed with Indian and Caucasian. Now this doesn’t totally discount the picture because it could have been an Indian tribe that has really dark skin, not necessary what we see on television.  After talking to my cousin Jesse who recieved this picture directly from Aunt Susie, who told him that this was a picture of Mose and Matilda and a child that they cared for, is confirmation enough for me.  However, at times I have a nagging feeling of doubt about the photo.

Well my cousin Jesse just called me on his lunch hour because he had stayed up to 1:00am this morning doing a bit of research. Well he looked at the 1870 with Matilda McAllister just as I had done and we had come to similar conclusions or speculation, but he discovered something else and by looking on the very next page of that same census he discovered Mose McRae and his mother Mary with a few sisters, about two houses over. This Mose was 23, exactly the right age. What was funny to me was that I had a begun to doubt that Martha was the name of Mose’s mother a couple of weeks ago, thinking that it could be Mary , because I had also found this same census and had saved it and I even looked at the other pages, but was not aware that Matilda was a McAllister at the time, therefore not sure.

These have all been wonderful discoveries and quite exciting for me, now we have found Mary McRae, Mose’s mother and three sisters.

Now I have a  few more questions. There was no man in the house with Matilda and five children,  and there is no man in the household of Mary McRae, why was that? Had something happened to their husbands, was Matilda actually every married before Mose, or were these the children of the slave master or of one of his sons, was McRae the slave masters name, was it a maiden name??????????
Even though these discoveries are extremely exciting there is still so much more to do.  it just opens up other doors for a great deal more research and this research will more than likely require a bit of travel.  There is still more I can do online like research the siblings of Mose McRae, and that is my next step on this leg of my research.

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