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Is Mose the Brother of Daniel McRae?

Posted by Tonya Keitt Kalule

Mose McRae
I spoke to a lady that I contacted over the weekend that is related to the McRae family. Her name is Deborah and she is the great great granddaughter of a Daniel McRae, whom she believes is the brother of Mose McRae that married Matilda. There were so many Mose and Matildas in those times until it makes it extremely difficult to merge the families at all She told me that she met with Milberm McRae, Jr in the Montgomery County area some years back after hiring a University of Georgia student to help her with the research in the area, who in turn solicited a Genealogist from the Georgia Historical Society. Milbern is definitely a connection here, because he is the grandson of Mose. These researchers put Deborah in touch with Milbern, but she is unable to find the report from the genealogist at the moment to confirm that her Mose is in fact my great great grandfather Mose. I need to write to Montgomery County to get a copy of Mose McRae's death certificate in hopes that it lists his mother's name.
As for right now, that link is on hold, and I am still taking a break from it all.


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