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Is Mose the Brother of Daniel McRae?

Posted by Tonya Keitt Kalule

Mose McRae
I spoke to a lady that I contacted over the weekend that is related to the McRae family. Her name is Deborah and she is the great great granddaughter of a Daniel McRae, whom she believes is the brother of Mose McRae that married Matilda. There were so many Mose and Matildas in those times until it makes it extremely difficult to merge the families at all She told me that she met with Milberm McRae, Jr in the Montgomery County area some years back after hiring a University of Georgia student to help her with the research in the area, who in turn solicited a Genealogist from the Georgia Historical Society. Milbern is definitely a connection here, because he is the grandson of Mose. These researchers put Deborah in touch with Milbern, but she is unable to find the report from the genealogist at the moment to confirm that her Mose is in fact my great great grandfather Mose. I need to write to Montgomery County to get a copy of Mose McRae's death certificate in hopes that it lists his mother's name.
As for right now, that link is on hold, and I am still taking a break from it all.


Sara Ray Brooks said...


You and I are a DNA match at Ancestry DNA. I am also matched to multiple known relatives of the Deborah you mention here.

My 3rd great-grandmother was Amy McRae. She married Rubin Wooten of Montgomery County. I believe Amy died prior to 1900, so I don't have a death certificate for her. Her son, James Wooten, was enumerated as the nephew in the Fork, Montgomery County, household of Jordan McRae and his wife, Eliza, in 1900. This census indicates that Jordan was born approximately 1841 in South Carolina. In 1900 his the children in his home are: John, Moses, Mary O, Rosetta D, Dolly M, William L, Fred L, Charles L and Violet E.

There were two close in age Jordan McRaes in the same area. The other one was a descendant of Moses McRae and his wife, Temperance (Tempy). I have interacted with many of their descendants online and there doesn't appear to be a DNA connection to them.

I can only find a death record for one Jordan McRae who died in Montgomery County, 15 JAN 1944.

I have a death record for Moses McRae of Wheeler County, 11 MAY 1927. His birthplace is listed as "Wilkinson Co. now Wheeler" and parents are Nelson McRae and Morry McRae (Mary). The informant is M M McRae (Milbern Moses) of Ailey, Georgia. Place of burial is Horn Mission, which is my family's home church in Alamo. His approximate birth would be 1837.

I believe that my Amy is Jordan's sister. So, are they both siblings to Moses?

I am trying to firm up the evidence that leads me to believe Amy was also a daughter of Nelson McRae and Mary. They would be my 4th great-grandparents.

Would love to chat with you any time!


Tonya Keitt Kalule said...

Is Deborah a descendant of Daniel McRae? I am not aware of my Mose McRae to have siblings with those names.
I would love to chat with you as well. Are you on facedbook? You can also contact me through

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